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This is where we get to grips
with your objetives and
work out the best

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Fresh Ideas

Mobile devices and
wireless networks
the future it's here,
to make the work easy.

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Business Planning

You may know your business
but you may not know IT.
We aim to be an expert
in both.

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IT Consultant & Technichian
We've got the solution!


Networking & Communications
Wire, Wireless, Router, Modem,Switches Etc...


Mobile Devices & Remote Desktop
All Apple devices & smart phones


Data Security & BackUp
Security, Data encryption, Schedule backup etc...


Web Page Services
We will design you website for you. more info...


Anti-Spyware, Anti-Virus & Malwares
Spam, Trojans, Bugs, Cookies, etc...


Maintenance & Cleanup
Operating system work properly, remove dust, etc...

and More...

Solutions That You Need!


IT Consultancy


We work hard at delivering businesses an honest, insightful and objective approach to IT consultancy. From technical to strategic, find out how we can help you move your business forward. Technology, systems and processes are all important tools, but to gain a competitive advantage, they are not enough. Instead, you need expertise and experience - coupled with intricate business knowledge - to really compete. We are also technical experts, of course, but our edge (and yours) is gained through our ability to understand a business and its operations.

Our staff and IT consultants have extensive experience and knowledge in all aspects of software and hardware technical support and are dedicated to resolve any issues that may occur. We have a strong foundation secured together with many years of experience, and can provide a wide array of solutions to any of your Information Technology needs. With strategic consulting straight from one of our IT's, solutions can be brought to mind, safely planned, then executed with impeccable work quality, all within clearly defined timelines.


IT Professionals


We have the technical expertise and experience to support your needs. We work to high IT standards so you can be assured that you have a professional team behind you. Without a doubt, working with On Site Computer will make your business more effective. Even though you retain complete control over your IT systems and processes, you can still delegate any responsibility, project, operation or task that you'd like to us. We are then part of your team, working with you to deliver the result you desire.

You can also hand us your business objective if you aren't technical. We know you understand your business, so let us listen and work with you to design a technical solution to deliver the result you desire.

Deciding on the correct technology implementation for your company is a difficult task. With growing markets and vendors are advertising their technology with many different features and solutions that you might not need. How much technology is too much? Benefit from our experience. With over 10 years of experience in managing, supporting, and implementing Information Technology Solutions for small and medium size clients; we can assist you in evaluating and applying the solution to your needs.

Here at On-Site Computer, our specialist have hands on experience on all computer platforms, from Unix, Linux, Macintosh, Windows and Virtualization, so you can count on our experienced team. With On-Site Computer you get the peace of mind you are looking for by implementing secure, stable, high availability solutions.

To find out more about the advantages that we could deliver to you and your business, then please contact us.