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At On Site Computer, we believe that each client is our partner, and we work with you to make affordable, quality IT service and support our mutual goal. Our team ensures that any short-term solution we deploy also fits into a longer-term IT strategy, which may include growth or addressing new compliance demands. We strive to work how you work. Our team of friendly, experienced and reliable IT professionals are just a visit, call, email or IM away happy to address concerns or answer questions when you need support the most. Most importantly, we care about your business. We work behind the scenes to ensure operational excellence of your technology so that you achieve the highest levels of productivity.

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On-Site Computer


Start-ups have a DNA all their own. They are unlike any other type of company. To support them effectively, you have to understand them. And we do. We have years of experience working with young companies, expertly helping them set up, upgrade and expand IT services and support to accommodate rapid growth and new demands.

When you’re faced with technical projects that require you to look outside of your team for help, On-Site Computer is the answer. We work with your staff to break down complicated projects and provide support so that your employees are able to work on fulfilling their roles without having to worry about the technical end.

We provide the advantages of a sophisticated “On-Site” IT Support Department to small and medium sized businesses. We empower our clients by ensuring that their information systems are fully optimized, secured and backed up. We believe that technology should never make life more difficult. Our goal is to enable our clients to concentrate on their strengths, knowing that their information systems can be depended upon to work flawlessly.

On-Site Computer provides a wide range of computer services. With many years of accumulated experience in the computer service industry, we offer computer support to businesses and individuals in Puerto Rico.

We pride ourselves in providing high quality service to our clients. Our goal is to equal or better the service that large corporations expect from their in house IT support staff. When you choose us for your Information Technology needs, our staff will do everything possible to satisfy your needs. On-Site Computer will do its utmost to solve any technical problems as they arise with a minimal workflow interruption.
We are dedicated to maximizing your work and system capabilities. Our highly skilled computer system technicians can provide you with the following services

Needs Assessment and System Consultation
Network Installation and Setup
Web Design, Hosting and Maintenance
E-mail Server Installation and Setup
Server Installation
Hardware / Software Installation and Upgrading
Database Development
Internet / Intranet Development
Telecommuting / Remote Computing
Local / Remote Backups
High Availability Systems
Service Monitoring
Phone System Support
Hosted Exchange
Network Monitoring
Remote Backup
All Security level

In addition, we also offer Wireless Networking setup and configuration together with security implementation specific to the wireless environment. Wireless networks allow a great deal of freedom and flexibility within an office environment. We also have a great deal of expertise in using leading edge technologies like those found in Bluetooth equipped devices. We can draw on independent consultants to ensure that telephone systems are optimal to your needs and fully integrated with your other information systems.

We do not sell hardware but we have the connections with key technology distributors. We will happily assist you purchasing services, hardware and software licensing as a “trusted third party”. The market place is constantly changing and we can ensure best price in tandem with provider reliability and product quality. We will provide the expertise to determine:

A) Exactly what is required to meet your needs;
B) That new equipment can be integrated with your current systems;
C) How to get the most out of the new equipment once installed.

Solutions for Business


Deciding on the correct technology implementation for your company is a difficult task. With growing markets and vendors are advertising their technology with many different features and solutions that you might not need. How much technology is too much? Benefit from our experience. With over 10 years of experience in managing, supporting, and implement Information Technology Solutions for small and medium size clients; we can assist you in evaluating and applaying the solution to your needs.

Here at On-Site Computer, our specialist have hands on experience on all computer platforms, from Unix, Linux, Macintosh, Windows and Virtualization, so you can count on our experienced team. With On-Site Comuter you get the peace of mind you are looking for by implementing secure, stable, high availability solutions.

Mail Solutions
Exchange Hosting
Website solutions
Remote Backups
High Availability Systems
Remote Support
Custom solutions
Phone System Support
A/V Multimedia
Security Systems (remote Monitoring)
Remote Service Monitoring




  • Small Office
  • Home Office
  • Wireless Printing
  • Wireless Network
  • Network Setup
  • File Sharing
  • Computer Repairs and Upgrades
  • Customized Solutions
  • Sync Devices
  • Managed Services
  • On-demand services
  • Business Continuity
  • Technical Support
  • Backup Solutions
  • Network Solutions
  • Server Solutions
  • Sharing Solutions
  • Mail Solutions



Managed Services


Managed Services is the concept of transferring day-to-day responsibility of part of an operation as a strategic method of improving efficiency and reliability. Managed services can increase your production capacity and lower your cost by externalizing some parts of IT needs without the expense of Hiring IT professionals and sometimes without investing in the hardware. Some of the services that we manage are:

  • Backup
  • Storage
  • Security
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring
  • Network Management
  • User Management
  • Systems Management
  • Software - Production Support and maintenance

There is no such word for too much protection of your valuable data and information. Data is collected over time and usually contains information that is essential to your business. We protect your data on multiple forms to make sure you always have easy accessibility and your data is protected for a very long time. Our rates are affordable so give us a call to find out how we can serve you best

Technical Support


On-Site Computer provides technical support for a vast range of products

  • Diagnostic and Installation Hardware

    • Diagnostic hardware installation and replacement of defective parts
    • IT Services to upgraded the mainboard (motherboard),
    • IT Services for update / reset / BIOS
    • IT Services PSU replacement power supply
    • Service replacement IDE hard disk upgrade, SATA, SCSI, Optical devices
    • IT Service replacement / upgrade the network card / tv tuner / sound card
    • add USB expansion ports, scanner, plotter
  • Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Malwares, Spam, Trojans, bugs,
  • Keyloger, backdoors, cookies etc.
  • Multimedia systems, TVs, Projects, Camera broadcast
  • Computer Support
  • Microsoft product support (word, excel, windows, etc...)
  • Linux\Unix\OSX\iOS Support
  • All Apple Divices
  • Phone system installation and configuration
  • Smart Phones Sync
  • Web servers
  • Database servers
  • VPN (Work from Home)
  • Wireless
  • RDP (Remote Desktop)
  • Security